We Need to Prep Now More Than Ever!

I know I haven’t been posting – SORRY!  My Bad… Because like you I have been prepping, I just haven’t had time.

Let me bring you up to speed with some random thoughts:

  1. Austerity.  It is an evil word that no  one the meaning of 2 years ago.  Now – everyone knows what it is.  But just in case YOU don’t, here is the definition “reduced availability of luxuries and consumer goods, esp when brought about by government policy“.  Now you know (feel free to use this at a cocktail party – you’ll look smart!).  We need to accept the fact that austerity is coming to the USA sometime in the next 2 to 10 years.  Why?  We cannot afford all the entitlement programs we are currently funding… it just can’t be done.  I have some experience with very low socio-economic demographics in my profession.  The only things keeping this part of our society from rioting, looting and just causing general mayhem are the US entitlement programs such as food stamps, General assistance (welfare) and SSI.  When these programs are eliminated things are going to get violent!  Hungry and desparate people do horrible and desparate things!
  2. Occupy New York.  I support this movement as someone needs to tell Washington that they have failed the American people by lining their own pockets.  Barak Obama you are a bad president and you lied to get elected just like every other polictician currently serving.  The US government is broken and it is time for revolution. 
  3. Prepping.  I am reading Jim Rawles’ new book “survivors”.  So far it is not bad.  I am not a big fan of the bible thumping but Mr. Rawles is a devoutly religious man and a respect his right to be so.  I also feel that the scenarios he is setting up are somewhat unrealistic but for the sake of a good story… I’ll go with it.  Where was I?  Oh yeah… so I am reading the part where the couple are stocking up on bartering goods and all I could think of was… duh?  Food is the ultimate barter!  JUST KEEP BUYING FOOD.  If you are a prepper and you think the shit is going down then you need to fill your storage space with food!  I am very confident that 2 months into the crunch or whatever we’re calling it these days, that I will have every gun on my block in my safe because everyone will trade me for my food.  (Caveat… I am not that big of a jerk to unarm a family especially in my own neighborhood but you get my drift).
  4. Terrorism.  Now more than ever I fear for terrorist attack.  I don’t think it will be violent, I don’t think it is China – afterall, would a lender attack their creditor thus jeopordizing repayment?  NO! – I think it will be a electronic or internet based attack on the wall street, the electrical grid or other necessary utility.  This sort of attack is serious, harmful and those responsible can remain anonymous.  Or perhaps one of the 20,000 (yes that is correct – 20-f’ing-thousand) stinger missles that went missing in Libya might start showing up and taking out civilian aircraft.  See it here.
  5. EMP. I am less worried about EMPs these days.  It seems like terrorists could take down our power grid with a well coordinated internet or cyber attack which is infinitely easier than shooting a NUKE off over the CONUS.  Just my thought.
  6. Power in General.  Get generators, get solar, get ready – I think the sensitive and vulnerable power grid is the next target (as I said earlier.  Check out this company for solar – they look like they have well reviewed and solid products.
  7. Gold.  Ok, I like gold it is shiny and cool – but we will we have to be pretty deep in a shit storm to be using gold for currency.  I suggest guns, food and medical supplies.  They will be valuable WAAAAY before gold is and you could actually use them too.  I would be pretty hard pressed to trade you my food for some worthless metal.  Right now you can get THREE glocks and 50 rounds of 9mm for each for the price of ONE ounce of gold.  That is a no brainer.



4 Responses

  1. I enjoy your posts but I dont think you need to blame our president to get people to read your posts. We have many bad presidents and there might even be more later on. The worst president ever is Bush who did not want to regulate the financial industry and allowed the bubble to grow unchallenged and now our country owes China billions. Also, we american must take partial responsibilities because we prefer or perhaps being persuaded by our rich corporations to buy goods from China. Sure, Chinese made money because we brought goods from them. But, surely American companies such as Walmart also profited. So, less rhetoric would be nice from you.

  2. I disagree with the occupy wall street etc because our government need not be enlightened as to what is going on…because they really do not care. So what we have are a bunch of idiots pushing an agenda by the Left. The political class seems to like to push and pull us like pawns on a chess board.

    Hope you don’t mind my thoughts on this…as I see we preppers need to realize it is government on one side and we the people on the other.

  3. Wow Andrew let not blame Obama, but you turned around and blame Bush. You are clearly a socialist idiot just for what you posted. The fact that working America is having to support you and the rest of the people with their hands out is the crime here. When over 70% of the federal budget goes to mandated handouts, that is crime. You take my money and give it to someone who is more than able to work, that is a crime and we should be protesting that. Government is the problem not Capitalism. Obama racked up more debt in his first 18 months than that sorry old GWBush did in 8 years, that is a crime. Oh and last time I checked alot of people’s 401Ks depend on those rich corporations making money. I hope they make lots of it becuase it help my 401K along with all the hard working American out here who invest in Wall Street. So to quote you “So, less rhetoric would be nice from you”. Oh Suburban Prepper you keep going with the rhetoric Andrew does not agree with!

  4. If someone wants to tell the American government that they have failed Americans, the best way to do that is by VOTING and/or supporting politcal movements, not by breaking windows, crapping on police cars, and raping other protesters. The plain fact is that the Occupy movement is the largest collection of cowardly, greedy anarchists ever to assemble on our shores. When they figure out that they have not had any leverage, they will go back to their grandmother’s basements and play video games. By contrast, the TEA partiers gather, make their issues known, clean up after themselves, then go back to work to be productive and pay taxes. Yes, GWB double crossed us, but BHO has done nothing but whored himself out to his constituency at a tremendous cost to the American people.

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