Let’s Be Reasonable Folks

Today’s quick post is for all those who recently subscribed to my blog – THANKS!

Let’s remember to be realistic about prepping. Prepping is an insurance plan – plain and simple. It is not supposed to consume your life. Life must be about balance – sure you need to plan for the future but you also need to live in the now. If you are spending your days scouring for preps you are missing out on life. You may prep your whole life never to see a disaster – then where are you?  You’ll be a lonely soul surrounded by #10 cans, ammo and sand bags. Keep it in perspective people. And don’t want a disaster to come – pray that it doesn’t (but always be ready if it does!)

Keeping Prepping and Thanks for Reading!


6 Responses

  1. My prepping doesn’t “consume my life”–it’s an extension of who I am! I believe in living below my means and storing up for hard times, and right now I’m working as much as I possibly can to make money to acquire as many resources as possible to take care of myself, my loved ones and anyone that the Lord puts in my path. The difference between me and someone who is “consumed” with prepping is that I’m not doing it as an end in itself, but to be able to provide for and minister to people during hard times. Check out my website at the link by my name.

  2. Amen to common sense! …and if you don’t want all your #10 cans, I’ll take them.🙂

  3. For my family and I, prepping is more than just collecting #10 cans. It more about knowledge and practice. Those are things that will serve us in so many facits of our lives, not just in a disaster. We are learning everyday how to be more self-sufficiant, what to do to survive in the wild, and how to deal with emergencies. We are spending good wholesome time together, and enriching our lives in the process. These activities that we do are living in the moment, IMHO!
    Thanks for the post though, I think it is good to remember to keep things in perspective.

  4. I agree, it is all about balance, if you let anything consume you totally it becomes unhealthy. Everything has its place, but your preps need to be consistent with the risks you face. Its best if you create a sustainable lifestyle that can grow and enjoy. At leas that’s my opinion.

  5. I agree. It seems that once a person crosses the threshhold of realization of SHTF it is easy to become all consumed. Life is better lived when it is in balance. Prepare little by little. read, process, respond practically.

  6. Well said!

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